Working to foster and promote entrepreneurship at Olin College of Engineering through education, experience, and employment opportunities

History of the Foundry

Olin was founded in 2001 with the mission to re-design engineering education. We strive to become a model for a new type of education that merges project-based engineering with entrepreneurship and liberal arts to build engineers who can think broadly about the world's problems. Olin inherently is not just a school -- it is in itself a startup, celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2011.

The Foundry, Olin's entrepreneurship club and incubator, sprung up during the first years of Olin as a place where students could come work on projects. Since then, it has morphed into a club and incubator and has relocated from our beloved space at Edison House to three rooms in the campus center.

The Foundry aims to encourage entrepreneurship on campus through running events such as Tech Talks and the Olin Startup Fair, giving students money to explore business ideas, and helping students get to entrepreneurial events in Boston.

If you are interested in coming to give a Tech Talk, registering for the Olin Startup Fair, or just learning more about what the Foundry is doing, please feel free to contact us .

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Our Foundry Board

Dakota Nelson

Engineering with a Concentration in Robotics '17

Jennifer Wei

Electrical and Computer Engineering '17

Liani Lye

Robotics Engineering '17

Philip Seger

Engineering with a Concentration in Computing '17

Celine Ta

Engineering with Product Design and Development '17

Manik Sethi

Mechanical Engineering '18

Nick Fransisci

Engineering with a Concentration in Computing '17

Ian Hill

Engineering with a Concentration in Computing '17

William Lu

Electrical and Computer Engineering '18

Jeff Pflueger

Mechanical Engineering '18